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Alcoa Has Partnered with Ford to Produce Improved Aluminum

2015 Ford F-150

The Ford F-150 just keeps getting better. Already considered America’s favorite truck, the F-150’s engineering is getting lighter, stronger, and easier to supply in greater numbers thanks to a new kind of aluminum. To help produce even better aluminum than ever before, Ford has partnered with Alcoa. Now, the F-150’s prices and availability could both improve thanks to greater abundance of materials and how easy they are to work with.  Just when you thought the Ford F-150 couldn’t get any better, right?

The new aluminum is made with a micromill and takes only 20 minute to make rather than 20 days. These superior methods are not only much faster but can be performed in a significantly smaller space, so efficiency is maximized in a way that it will drastically improve productivity at Ford.

This aluminum is not only faster and easier to produce but is also better quality, allowing the F-150 to be both lighter and stronger for better fuel efficiency and a more reliable body. Only some parts of the F-150 will be produced with the aluminum this fall, though more parts are expected to be manufactured with it next year.

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