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Tips for Driving without Air Conditioning

Sunny Day Drive

Driving a car without air conditioning is miserable anywhere, but it’s especially terrible down here in south Florida, where the temperature ranges from warm to unbearably hot. If you can’t swing by a dealership and pick out a brand new car or get your air conditioning fixed anytime soon, here are some tips for driving without air conditioning in the summer.

Park in the shade or in a garage. Leave your windows down if you’re comfortable with it. Less heat will get trapped in the car, and you’ll be a lot more comfortable. Sun shades are also a great idea to put in your windows, as they’ll reflect the sunlight and keep your interior from being too hot to touch.

Drink plenty of water while driving. You don’t want to get overheated while you’re driving, so keep plenty of water in the car, and get a fan that you can plug into your cigarette lighter to keep up the air flow. You can also buy beaded seat covers that will let air flow along your back.

Try not to drive when it’s the hottest time of the day. Do your best to plan your trip around the hottest times of day, and take highways when you can so you’ll reduce the amount of time you’re sitting in traffic and sweating. Stay healthy and safe!

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