Electric bikes, Car Sharing, Smartwatches, Light the Path for Ford’s Future


TechnologyOne hundred years ago, Henry Ford paved the way for vehicles to be available to the masses, changing the way the world thought about transportation. Today, Ford’s Future lies in advanced transportation technology. As a major pioneer in this field, the American carmaker is making major steps forward in autonomous vehicles, public transportation, car sharing, apps, and wearables in an effort to adapt to today’s roads, which are more crowded than ever before.

In an effort to be at the forefront of transportation innovation, Ford opened its Research and Innovation Center Palo Alto in January. The center employs about 50 employees working on the automaker’s Ford Smart Mobility plan, which tackles projects in mobility, connectivity, customer experience, autonomous vehicles, and big data.

A long list of projects is currently in the works, including some that have shifted to another focus, have become pilot programs, or have moved to the engineering phase. Some of these include: infocycle data gathering; electric-assist bikes; car swapping, sharing, and renting; “Parking Spotter”; a shared van service; driving evaluations; and wearables (like smartwatches).

Here at Sun State Ford, we look forward to seeing a number of these projects become an every-day reality, easing the burden of long commutes and congested highways in the coming years.

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