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2022 Ford F-150 Lightning Boasts Awesome Mega Power Frunk

2022 Ford F-150 Lightning

There are many reasons to be excited about the all-new Ford F-150 Lightning — whether it’s the power, capabilities, incredible zero-emissions range, or leading-edge tech like Ford Intelligent Backup Power. But one feature that’s sure to come in handy with the F-150 Lightning is the Mega Power Frunk, a massive storage space that’s smart and functional. (Or frunktional, even.)

What’s a “frunk,” you ask? Because the all-new F-150 Lightning doesn’t have a conventional engine, the space typically reserved for the engine can be used for storage like a front trunk. Hence, the portmanteau frunk. But the F-150 Lightning doesn’t just have a frunk — it’s a Mega Power Frunk, a name it earns for good reason.

Ford engineered the Mega Power Frunk after listening to customer feedback, taking great ideas and figuring out how to work them into the finished product. The result is a lockable space that can fit two golf bags and accommodate 14.1 cubic feet and up to 400 pounds of payload capacity. What’s more, it’s got a rubberized floor and built-in drain, allowing you to use it as a cooler or a space for your swimwear after a day at the beach.

But that’s only scratching the (durable, slip-resistant, easily cleanable) surface. The Mega Power Frunk also offers built-in LED lighting, two USB chargers, and four 120-volt outlets that let you use the Pro Power Onboard to keep the party going. And you can open it six different ways, including a button on the grille and the FordPass™ app. The Ford F-150 Lightning and its Mega Power Frunk look to change the game for good. Contact the team at Sun State Ford in Orlando, Florida, to learn more about how you can reserve yours.

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