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Ford Plans to Expand Its Ford Telematics Service to All Vehicles

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Ford Telematics has long been a staple of commercial fleets utilizing Ford vehicles. There’s just one problem with the system, though: it is only available with Ford vehicles.

Or, rather, it “was” only available with Ford vehicles. Ford just announced that it is expanding the availability of its Ford Telematics service to all vehicles.

About Ford Telematics

Ford will accomplish this task utilizing a plug-in device that attaches to non-Ford-make vehicles via a wiring harness. By connecting with vehicles this way, the OBD II port is left available for full functionality.

The Ford Telematics system allows customers to track driver behavior. This can include anything from efficiency to speed. Using this data, businesses can coach drivers on best driving practices.

More Helpful Ford Tech

That’s not the only way Ford is looking to expand its Ford Telematics service. Sometime in the next three months, Ford is planning to launch its Ford Telematics Essentials, a complimentary version of Ford Telematics. This version of the program will also provide customers with data surrounding maintenance scheduling, odometer readings, and recall alerts. Thus, commercial fleets will be able to keep their vehicles running in top shape.

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