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Ford F-150 is America’s Bestselling Pickup Truck for 44 Years Running

Ford F-150 is Bestselling Pickup Truck - Sun State Ford - Orlando, FL

2020 was an unusual year for everybody, and that includes the automotive industry. Still, some things never change, such as the sales supremacy that the Ford F-150 holds in the pickup truck segment.

In fact, the Ford F-150 has been the country’s bestselling pickup truck for 44 years running.

Even though the pickup truck segment has become increasingly more competitive in recent years, the F-150 still leads the pack. This is due to Ford constantly innovating the vehicles without sacrificing what made it a sales success in the first place.

Sales were slightly down for the F-150 in 2020, due to tightening financial strains. Yet, the Ford brand still managed to sell 787,422 units of F-Series trucks by the year’s end.

Perhaps more surprisingly, the Lincoln brand saw some of its highest sales in 17 years during 2020. This positive sales performance was fueled by the growing lineup of luxury SUVs for the Lincoln brand. 87,630 Lincoln SUVs were sold last year.

Speaking of SUVs, the Ford Explorer experienced a major sales boost in 2020. By the years end, Ford had sold 226,217 units of the premium SUV, representing a 20.9 percent sales increases year-over-year.

You can learn more about each of these premium Ford vehicles, and get a closer look at the bestselling pickup truck of the last 44 years, when you stop by Sun State Ford and explore our lineup!

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