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Ford Eco-Friendly Technology: Using More Carbon Fiber


11405866043_ffdde854a3_zPartnering with DowAska to make carbon fiber components, Ford has recently invested in innovative new technologies to improve fuel economy. With a focus on increasing efficiency while at the same time decreasing emissions, Ford will now be able to manufacture carbon fiber components in high volumes.

According to Ford, one of the major ways to increase overall fuel economy is to simply lighten vehicles. Although this might sound like an easy fix, the trick is to lighten a car without making it less durable or making it cost more. That’s where this new partnership comes in; Ford can make more carbon fiber for less money.

“The goal of our work here fits within the company’s Blueprint for Sustainability, where future Ford vehicles will be lighter with optimized performance,” said Mike Whitens, director for Ford Research & Advanced Engineering. He further states, “this will help consumers further improve fuel economy and reduce emissions.”

Ford eco-friendly technology received quite a boost thanks to this new deal. The Dow Chemical Company & Aksa Akrilik Kimya Sanayii A.S (combined to make DowAska) will provide a range of new materials, as well as design techniques, to get rid of as much excess weight as possible. It seems like we’ll soon be saying goodbye to steel all together.  Give us your thoughts about this at Sun State Ford!

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