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2021 Ford Bronco and F-150 Gain Telenav® Technology

Telenav Technology and Ford - Sun State Ford - Orlando, FL
Photo from Ford

The all-new 2021 Ford Bronco and 2021 Ford F-150 have all the features you need to embark on off-road adventures. Both are gaining an innovative Telenav® technology that provides connected navigation, even when you don’t have cell coverage.

Smarter Navigation

Telenav® and Ford are working together to offer the available hybrid navigation technology as part of the available SYNC® 4 system. This solution will store maps and provide directions to your destinations while your other technologies are offline.

Intelligent routing options are specifically designed for off-roading so you can more easily navigate on trails around Orlando, Florida. If you are towing a trailer during the drive, the technology will find routes that accommodate your trailer and avoid streets with narrow bridges and tight turns.

Real-Time Updates

When commuting to and from work, the connected navigation experience will locate the quickest routes by looking at real-time traffic conditions. It can also find restaurants and open parking spots during the drive. If accessing features on the SYNC® 4 touch screen is too distracting, you can utilize the digital voice assistance to control the technology.

The Telenav® navigation solution is just one of the many great features offered for the new Bronco and F-150. Discover more about these models and when they’ll make their way to Sun State Ford by giving us a call.

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