Ford Employee and Son Break Hot Wheels Loop Record

It’s a “Take Your Child to Work Day” that will not soon be forgotten by Blade West, 6, and his Ford employee father, Matt, who set a new standard for the largest Hot Wheels loop record.

What started out as a fun game in the family play room of seeing how big the Hot Wheels loop could get, Matt West soon realized he needed something bigger if he and his son wanted to break any records. Seeing the big atrium at the Ford Research and Innovation Center in Dearborn, Michigan, where he works as a dynamometer technician, West thought why not build the ramp there and break the record on “Take Your Child to Work Day?” The idea was pitched, accepted, and a grand loop was fabricated.

On their second try, the father-son team were able to send their Hot Wheels car down a three-story ramp to successfully complete a loop measuring 12.5 feet in diameter, breaking the previous record of 9.9 feet. “I knew we could do it,” said Blade.

We at Sun State Ford are ecstatic to be part of a company that fosters the innovation of our future and wish Matt and his son Blade hearty congratulations for a job well done!

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