Ford Bronco

Ford Bronco Hybrid Confirmed by Jim Hackett

The Ford Bronco Hybrid is joining the Bronco as new additions to the 2020 Ford lineup.

We’ve known that the Ford Bronco is coming back for nearly two years, but we still don’t know all that much about it. Apart from a teaser or two here and there and the occasional report, the Bronco is mostly shrouded in total mystery. Recently, Ford CEO Jim Hackett spoke with shareholders and revealed something that was suspected but not yet confirmed: that there will indeed be a new Ford Bronco Hybrid.

More Efficient Options

The addition of this hybrid version of the Bronco will expand Ford’s lineup of hybrid vehicles. That will be a great asset to Ford, as automakers throughout the industry are turning toward electric-powered vehicles for more efficiency. It will also benefit drivers looking to receive more mileage out of their vehicles.

Waiting On The Details

Outside of this latest morsel of information, not much has been revealed about the Bronco. The new Ford SUV with the retro name will reportedly have a retro design to match its moniker, as well as two-door and four-door variants. A smaller “baby” Bronco variant will also be released at some point in the future.

While further details about this highly-anticipated Ford model are still some ways away, you should stay tuned to the Sun State Ford blog for more information, as we will make a post whenever we learn more about the latest Ford vehicles, especially the Bronco.

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