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Tips to Help You Keep Your Car Cool This Summer

Keep your car cool this summer with these helpful tips from Sun State Ford

Driving a car in the summertime can be rough, especially when you live somewhere as hot as sunny Florida. We have some tips to help you keep your car cool this summer so you can drive more comfortably.

Keep Surfaces Covered

One of the easiest solutions to a cooler car is to use a sunshade or window visor, as well as a dash cover. Block out the sun with a reflective shade and use the dash cover to keep your surfaces from getting too hot. Together they’ll make getting into your car a lot less painful.

Along the same vein, cover the steering wheel with a towel so you don’t burn your hands, and either invest in some seat covers or put a towel or blanket down to keep your legs safe.

Stay Out of the Sun

Another thing you can do is try to find shady areas or garages to park in. Easier said than done in the hot summer months, sure, but if you can find a shaded spot makes a huge difference. Plus, if you’ve been parking in the driveway because your garage is too full, this is a great excuse to clean it out.

Let Air In

You might be worried about leaving your windows all the way down because of theft, but even just cracking them slightly will let air flow through your car and make it much cooler than if you left them all the way up. Alternatively, if you have enough time before you leave, open the doors and let the car air out before you get in.

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