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Mustang Fans: Have You Completed the Personalize Your Pony Experience?

Personalize Your Pony with the Ford Mustang Facebook page, and share it with us at Sun State Ford

Sun State Ford has seen its fair share of Mustang drivers. While they come from diverse backgrounds, one thing they all share is a love and passion for their Mustangs. What better way to express your dedication to your Mustang than by participating in the new “Personalize Your Pony” experience on Facebook?

Don’t Be Shy! Personalize!

Simply search “Ford Mustang” on Facebook or just click here to get started personalizing your pony. The experience allows you to make your own pony art by choosing unique colors, density, and blending, as well as your own style pack, including Shelby, Roush, RTR, and Bullitt. After completing your design, you can share it online with family and friends. If you really like your pony artwork, you can order prints or swag items that feature the design, like coffee mugs, apparel, and phone cases. If you have a more recent Mustang (2015 or newer), you can also get your artwork on a custom grille badge. Some artists will see their designs featured on billboards across the United States from now through June.

“Driving a Mustang has always been about standing apart from the rest,” commented Corey Holter, Ford car group marketing manager. “This is a chance for Mustang fans everywhere to make their very own personalized pony and share it where potentially millions can see it.”

Share Your Flair!

Happy with your Facebook design? Share it on the Sun State Ford Facebook page to help inspire other Mustang aficionados’ pony artwork.

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