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Ford Groups up with Silicon Valley Software Startup to Build New Ford Transportation App

Ford Transportation App
Recently, Ford teamed up with Silicon Valley software startup Autonomic Inc in order to develop a new Ford transportation app.

It’s no secret that Ford vehicles are built tough, but they’re smart, too. Recently, Ford teamed up with Silicon Valley software startup Autonomic Inc, to develop a new Ford transportation app that signals the automaker’s growing interest in a variety of new mobility services.

The new app, called Non-Emergency Medical Transport, launched this summer in collaboration with Michigan-based Beaumont hospital. The technology allows hospital patients to quickly and easily schedule pickups and appointments from their smartphone. While this new app may seem somewhat limited in scope, it’s only the first of Ford’s new apps based on the Autonomic Inc software platform, so we can expect a growing number of such services from Ford in the future.

Significantly, the new app signals a movement toward expanding the types of services Ford provides. While we shouldn’t expect the automaker to stop producing their hugely popular line of vehicles, we can expect to see new technology integration into Ford’s vehicles that change the way we think about driving altogether.

While it’s not entirely clear how Ford will make use of its Autonomic Inc software, it’s clear that the company’s interested in diversifying the types of mobility services it offers is a look toward the future and is a step toward the development of self driving Ford automobiles.

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