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How and Why to Change Your Air Filter

In order to last as long as possible, all vehicles need regular maintenance. For the bigger challenges, Sun State Ford has a service department that’s ready to help. But did you know there are actually many maintenance tasks that are easy to take care of on your own? If you’re looking to get into some DIY car care, the air filter is a good place to start.

change your air filter

Why You Should Change Your Air Filter

Our engines need air to survive just like we do. And, just like we do, they prefer clean air to dirty air, and the air filter makes this possible. The air that the engine takes in is filled with debris and pollution of different sorts. The air filter keeps these unwanted things out of your engine, which keeps it running at its best. When the air filter gets dirty, the engine’s air starts to get dirty, and efficiency decreases, emissions increase, and the health of your engine in general gets worse.


How to Change Your Air Filter

The good news is that changing your air filter is very simple. Start by buying a replacement from your local auto parts store or from Sun State’s parts department, using your owner’s manual to help you choose the right fit. Next, with your car turned off, open your hood and located the air filter box, a black plastic box near the engine. Now you can open the box, make a note of how the current air filter is installed, and take it out. Replace it with the new air filter in the proper orientation, close the box back up, and close your hood. Congratulations, you just gave your car a well-deserved breath of fresh air all on your own.

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