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Road Trip Tips for Your Next Family Vacation

Road Trip Tips
Now that summer is almost here, you might be planning a road trip or two while your kids are on vacation. To make the drive a little easier, here are five road trip tips.

  1. Clean out your car. Before you pack anything into your car, clean out all the trash and junk you won’t be needing during your drive.
  2. Get a tune up. Make sure your car is road trip ready by getting a thorough tune-up. Schedule a service appointment at Sun State Ford and we can do this for you.
  3. Pack wisely. Pack everything you won’t need in the car, in the trunk or cargo area. The Ford Fusion boasts a nice-sized trunk with 16 cubic feet—plenty of room for road trip suitcases. Find places for other items you will use, like snacks and entertainment, in cargo bins and pockets.
  4. Plan for some stops. Since you are driving to your destination, you might as well make it fun. Plan your route and look for some fun, unique places to stop along the way.
  5. Avoid heavy traffic. Try to plan your driving so you avoid city highways during rush hour or popular vacation destinations during holiday weekends.

If you need a new summer ride, come check out our excellent inventory of both new and used cars here at Sun State Ford.

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