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Holiday Decoration Storage Tips and Ideas

Christmas tree ornament - Orlando, FL
Do you already have labeled boxes for your ornaments? If not, try it for next year!

Your future self has a message for you… “Do NOT throw all of those holiday decorations into the attic without rhyme or reason.” You don’t want to add to the holiday stress, do you? Here are some holiday decoration storage tips to make next year easier.

#1 – Wrap holiday lights around strips of cardboard. Just take a medium-sized box you don’t need and cut the flaps off. Then cut a slot on opposite ends of the cardboard strip and wrap the lights into those slots.

#2 – Store fragile and/or sentimental tree ornaments separate from the other ornaments. You can do this by gluing the bottom of Styrofoam or dixie cups to the bottom of a plastic bin about the same height as the cups. Put your ornaments in the cups and put the lid on the bin. This way they won’t roll around!

#3 – Label your storage boxes. Simply listing their contents works but you can also order the boxes. This prevents the situation where you have lots of decorations out that you may not be putting up for days or weeks.

#4 – Hang wreaths. We can’t really put them in boxes and laying them here or there can make them vulnerable to damage. When putting them away for the year, hang them on the wall of the garage or attic. Just be sure to cover them with a garbage bag.

Follow these holiday decoration storage tips because after all, untangling a gigantic ball of holiday lights just kind of takes the fun out of putting up decorations, doesn’t it?

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