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Ford’s Commitment To Going Green Should Inspire Us All

2017 Ford C-Max Hybrid - Orlando, FL
Ford’s lineup of hybrid cars, like the C-Max, prove it’s a leader when it comes to going green.

Ford is known for making great vehicles all along the spectrum, from efficient and compact cars like the Fiesta to the track-ready Mustang. But there’s another achievement that the automaker has become known for. Ford’s commitment to going green should be an inspiration to us all.

The most important aspect of Ford’s push for a more sustainable business practice is that it is multi-faceted. There are a number of different ways that Ford is tackling the issues.

There is the Go Green Dealership program. For this initiative, Ford teamed up with the Rocky Mountain Institute, “an organization recognized as a leader in providing energy-efficiency solutions to businesses, communities and organizations around the world.” From there, dealerships can get help from professionals to make their operations much more energy-efficient.

Much of what Ford does to help the environment has to do with their manufacturing operations. Ford has worked to reduce harmful emissions at their paint plants. Ford has also committed to reducing waste. By 2014, the automaker had contributed 10% less waste.

Perhaps the most admirable aspect of Ford’s commitment to going green is their transparency. They are honest about their numbers, which isn’t hard to do when they have done so much to reduce their footprint.  If you want to join Ford in their commitment to going green, be sure to check out the Hybrid and EcoBoost model options.

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