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New Ford Pre-Collision Assist: Preventing Accidents

Pedestrian crossing signal

Ford is increasing safety features on its latest lineup, developing features like the innovative Ford Pre-Collision Assist system. This safety option comes with a state-of-the-art Pedestrian Detection technology.  That means your vehicle can help you spot people crossing the street and even activate the brakes in an emergency situation.

Texting and walking is becoming as much of a hazard as texting and driving. According to Ford, this innovative technology was designed largely due to the increase in pedestrians who text and cross the street at the same time. Termed “Petextrains,” this new breed of urban individuals is making driving increasingly dangerous. Thus, the innovative Ford Pre-Collision Assist works to sense objects in front of the vehicle and activate the brakes if necessary.

“Since we are trying to avoid a collision that hasn’t happened yet, prediction of the future is an inherent part of the puzzle,” says Scott Lindstrom, Ford driver assist technologies manager. “Having a huge cache of data – based on real-world driving conditions – helps our system be smart enough to determine what may happen in a second that has not yet even occurred.”

The new system has an extensive computer system that’s been tested over and over again. In fact, the Ford Pre-Collision Assist technology was developed using more than 240 terabytes of information—more than 20.4 trillion books. There’s nothing quite like this advanced technology to protect both motorists and pedestrians.

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