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Ford’s Focus on Safety: Driving Scores Based upon Fitness Tracker

Driving Scores

The new fitness trackers like the Fitbit and the Apple Watch are all the rage these days.  With these trackers, you can see how much exercise you are getting, your heart rate, and other measurements that can help determine your health and ways to better improve your health.  Well, Ford has taken this technology and has created a new tracker that show’s a person’s Driving Scores.

I know what you thinking:  this is a new invasion of privacy and couldn’t be beneficial to anyone.  But, in fact, these driving scores can provide drivers with a better understanding of how to drive safely, and in what ways their driving can be improved for safety, and efficiency of their car.

The different metrics measured during this experiment include acceleration, steering wheel movements and braking, in addition to outside factors such as weather, time of day and road condition.  These factors can provide a lot of insight into common driving patterns and help show how Ford and other automakers can use this information to improve car safety technology to make the roads safer to drive on.

Tell us what you think about this new technology at Sun State Ford.  Would you like to know what your personal driving habits are?  Do you think this technology could be beneficial?

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