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The Mustang and F-150 Win Edmunds.com Most Popular Awards

2016 Ford MustangOne of the most popular automotive websites in America, Edmunds.com, just named two Ford models two of the most popular automobiles in America: the Ford F-150 and (of course) the Ford Mustang.

The Edmunds.com Most Popular awards are decided by Edmunds.com user search tendencies, tracking which vehicles are most commonly researched. Ultimately, winning one of the Edmunds.com Most Popular awards means that a whole bunch of people were interested in buying the model-in-question.

We’re pleased as punch by these two big wins for Ford, but we can’t say we’re totally surprised. The Ford F-150 has been one of the bestselling vehicles – let alone pickups -in America for over a decade; then, when you consider all of the awesome performance and 2016 Ford F-150technological features of the modern F-150, it’s no wonder Edmunds.com has taken note as well. And then there’s the Ford Mustang, one of the most iconic and classic American pony cars of all time – no shock there with that win.

Luckily, both the Ford F-150 and the Ford Mustang are available in a variety of trim levels and powertrain options, not to mention paint styles, so you’ll always be driving a unique yet well-loved vehicle.  We have plenty of stock of both of these vehicles, so stop by Sun State Ford to see why these two models are the most popular!

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