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Ford Sync Update Allows Millions to Download Apple Siri Eyes-Free


Texting and Driving
Don’t Text and Drive

Ford just got significantly more high tech. As if the American carmaker wasn’t already known for its technologically advanced vehicles, the brand’s Ford Sync update, which was released earlier this month, allowed over 5 million drivers with Ford vehicles ranging from model year 2011 to the present to download the Apple Siri Eyes-Free app. The app provides access to iPhone apps like calling and messaging.

Siri Eyes-Free lets drivers connect their phone or other Apple device through their Ford MyTouch technology in order to use their phone apps without having to take their eyes off the road to look at their device. Siri Eyes-Free can be activated by holding the voice recognition button on the steering wheel.

Siri Eyes-Free is hugely useful on longer trips thanks to its ability to search for restaurants and other points of interest. If you’re a Ford driver and you drive by yourself often, this app will help you with eyes-free navigation, phone calls, and mid-way stops.

You can also play music, ask about the weather, and set alarms with your car’s Siri Eyes-Free app. Always be prepared and have fun with the new Ford Sync technology.

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