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Ford Smart Car Headed to China

2016 Ford C-Max
2016 Ford C-Max

China is quickly becoming the world’s fastest growing auto market and Ford is looking for an edge. As a result, the automaker is planning to release a new generation of smart cars to the heavily packed streets. The manufacturer is pushing $1.8 billion into Research and Development based around the Chinese market.

“We see China as a very big growth market,” said Mark Fields, Ford CEO. “It’s a great opportunity to grow not only our core business of selling cars and trucks but also provide services to people that may not want a car but still want to be mobile.”

Ford is also pushing to attract a new generation of buyers amid heavy competition, much of which isn’t from other automakers. Chinese pollution, lack of parking, and services like Uber have turned many younger buyers from owning a car.

The general Ford smart car would include features that allow drivers to control more of their car via smartphones. Drivers would also be able to use mobile chat during traffic jams. Ford hopes to release the Sync3 connectivity system in 2016.

We hope some of this new technology makes its way to us here in the U.S. Tell us at Sun State Ford what you would be most excited about seeing in the latest Ford vehicle!

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