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Rumored Ford Focus RS500 Could Increase Power, Decrease Weight

Ford Focus RS500

The Ford Focus RS is already one of the hottest compact cars on the market, flawlessly balancing the fuel efficiency and handling of a small vehicle with the power and flash of a much larger car.

But now, rumors say that Ford might be making an even more impressive variant of the Focus RS, dubbed the RS500, according to Motor Magazine. If true, the Ford Focus RS500 would get an upgraded powertrain, allowing it to cut weight and deliver sharper performance.

The alleged new model would even have a new bumper from Ford Performance, which would help cool the vehicle down to prevent the additional power from overheating the car.

Ford hasn’t confirmed the story yet, but we’ll keep our eyes peeled. In the meantime, the current 2016 Ford Focus RS continues to be one of the top options in the crowded compact segment, so we can only imagine how successful the RS500 could be.

To learn more or to test drive the Focus RS, or to see any other Ford Focus’ we have on our lot, contact or visit us anytime at Sun State Ford.  We would love to discuss more about the new RS500 and the rumors that surround it.

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